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We were commissioned to create a short film that highlights the incredible work of Project Row Houses in Houston's Third Ward district. Our aim was to showcase the power of community collaboration and the positive impact this project has had on the lives of countless people in the face of gentrification. The film, titled "All In A Row," was led by director Ingela Travers-Hayward, who sought to document the stories behind these iconic row houses and the people who utilize them as spaces for art, conversation, and support.


To capture the essence of Project Row Houses, we worked closely with Ingela Travers-Hayward and key figures such as Eureka Gilkey, Sidney Garrett, and Leslie Moody Castro. We delved into the inner workings of Project Row Houses, exploring the Young Mothers Residential Program and the Artist Rounds, which provide opportunities for underrepresented artists to showcase their work. Our film took viewers on a journey through the blocks and inside the bright shotgun houses, highlighting the diverse range of activities and stories that unfold behind each wooden door.


"All In A Row" has had a profound impact, shedding light on the incredible work of Project Row Houses and the power of community collaboration in combating gentrification. The film illustrates the importance of providing safe spaces for artists and other underrepresented communities and demonstrates the tremendous impact such projects can have on the lives of those involved. By sharing the stories of Project Row Houses, we've not only helped to celebrate the spirit of the Third Ward community but have also highlighted the potential for similar initiatives to thrive in other areas facing the challenges of gentrification.



Production Company



Ingela Travers-Hayward



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Full Credits


Holly Fraser

Suzanne Tromp

Phil Van Der Krogt

Danielle Boelling

Liv Siddall

Alex Kahl


Production Company: Bolt Tv 

Director: Ingela Travers-Hayward

Producer: Nick Simmons

Director of Photography: Nate Simmons

Steadicam: Zach Price

Photographer: Sarah Garza


Editor: Grace McIntee

Music Composer: Robert Ouyang Rusli

Color: Zachary Halberd

Conform Artist: Lou Daumas

Sound Design: Peter Stoel

Special Thanks

Sidney Garrett

Eureka Gilkey

Leslie Moody Castr

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