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Dr Teal’s


Derrick must train rigorously and recover fast to meet the physical demands of professional football. Our objective was to offer the audience a brief insight into Derrick's world and how he trains and recovers playing at the highest level in professional sports.


Emphasize the physical challenges faced by athletes like Derrick Henry and the rejuvenating properties of Dr Teal's Epsom Salt. We aimed to craft a compelling visual narrative that combined the world of sports, health, and wellness. Collaborating with athletes who use Dr Teal's products regularly allowed us to create a world that authentically reflected Derrick's daily routine. Our team began by designing a virtual bathroom set in Unreal Engine which enabled our Director of Photography, Hiram Borges-Barrios to position virtual cameras in the space before construction began.


The campaign for Dr Teal's line of bath salt products has made a significant impact, thanks to its fresh visual updates and targeted messaging. By developing a visual language that specifically resonates with athletes and sports enthusiasts, the campaign has successfully expanded its reach and created a stronger connection with this key demographic. The comprehensive library of commercial spots and photography assets produced for this campaign comprises four final edits, each tailored for distribution across a variety of formats. This strategic approach ensures that the engaging content is accessible to audiences on all social platforms, as well as through strategic partnerships. By revitalizing the visual identity of Dr Teal's bath salt products and focusing on the needs and interests of the athletic community, this innovative campaign has effectively bolstered the brand's presence and appeal within this crucial market segment.


PDC Brands


Dr Teal’s



Production Company



Nate Simmons

Creative Director

Jason Corbin, Nicky Lorenzo


Creative, Production, Post

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Full Credits


Group Creative Director: Nicky Lorenzo 

Creative: Juan Dominguez

Producer: Alex Glasgall 

Designer: Michael Brunson 

Accounts: Sydney Tukes 


Production Company: Bolt Tv  

Executive Producer/Director: Nate Simmons

Producer: Nick Simmons

BTS: Nathan Yerian

1st AD: Abbas Padilla

Production Manager: Mike Callan  

Director of Photography: Hiram Borges-Barrios

Camera Operator: Andrew McMillian 

1st AC: Aaron Seller

2nd AC: Luke Peckem

Photographer: Sarah Garza

Gaffer: Nate Thomas 

Best Electric: Michael Proa

Electrician: Joy Wang

Key Grip: Zane Tan

Best Grip: Mikey Gilmore

Grip: Joseph Mullane

Sound Mixer: Destiny Farrant

HMU: Giovanna Dalbom

Stylist: Carole Jones

Art Director: Danny Erb 

Scenic Painter: Jesse Hotchkiss

Set Dresser: Jordan Pelzl

PA: Jordan Schmalzried

PA: Luke Gonzalez

PA: Mahsa Kardani


Editor: Colton Galtin 

Colorist: Cameron Marygold 

Sound Designer: Alden Lewis

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